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I am back after a gap of over 2 months...was on vacation that's why i wasn't able to write any review.But now that i am back you will hopefully see reviews on a regular basis.Some new writers would be joining me also and that would give the reader a more varied perspective about the movies.I would also be bringing some changes  to my 3 blogs which would be both interesting and fun at the same time.
So guys and girls please keep checking out my blog regularly.You people won't be disappointed.


Monday, July 25, 2011


Stars:Jerry Lewis and Susan Oliver
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1964
The Disorderly Orderly rides on the manic intensity of Jerry Lewis an he delivers a terrific performance in the movie.
Jerome Littlefield(Lewis) is an orderly at the Whitestone Sanitorium who suffers from a psychosomatic disorder that causes him to suffer from the symptoms of others.His manic antics create all sorts of difficulties for the management of the sanitorium.
He is romantically involved with a nurse,Julie(Karen Sharpe).One day his high school crush Susan Andrews(Susan Oliver) is brought to the sanitorium after a suicide attempt.Jerome feels sorry for her and starts caring for her.He helps her in changing her attitude towards life and she makes a complete recovery.Its only then that she remembers him and kisses him but Jerome is in love with Julie.When he finds out that Julie has left the sanitorium,he heads to find her which leads to all sorts of mayhem and destruction(the Lewis way).In the end he find her and tells her that he loves her and thus the movie ends on a happy note.
The Disorderly Orderly is one Lewis's best comedies.Like almost all his movies the story is not that strong but Lewis makes up for that through his antics.He gets strong support from the entire cast.The movie was directed by Lewis's longtim collaborator Frank Tashlin and written by Ed Haas and Norm Liebermann.The screenplay was written by Tashlin.

Rating: 5/10

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Stars:Doris Day,James Garner and Chuck Connors
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1963
Move Over Darling is a remake of the 1940 Cary Grant and Irene Dunne movie My Favorite Wife.
Ellen Arden(Day),after being shipwrecked on an island for five years returns home to find out that her husband Nick(Garner) has married again that same morning and her children don't recognize her either.She finds this from Nick's mother Grace(Thelma Ritter) and Grace also tell's her that he had gone for honeymoon in the same hotel Nick took Ellen when they got married.But she is determined to stop the honeymoon from going ahead and she heads for the hotel.
On seeing Ellen againNick is at first shocked but then relieved.He is still very much in love with Ellen but cannot tell Bianca(Polly Bergen),his new wife about Ellen.He finally gathers courage and tells Bianca who is shocked to hear the news.But just as he clears things up with Bianca Nick finds out that Ellen was not alone on the island all these years and a man named Stephen Burkett(Chuck Connors) was living with her on the island.This arouses suspicion in Nick's mind bu in the end everything is cleared up and the movie end's on a happy note.
Move Over Darling was actually titled Something's Got to Give and it had Marilyn Manroe,Dean Martin and Lee Remick as the stars and George Cukor as the director.But the project never finished.Monroe was having psychological problems and she often used to arrive at the set late.Eventually she was fired from the movie but then Dean Martin refused to work stating he would only work with Monroe.The studio 20th Century Fox brought back Monroe but then her sudden death brought the project to a halt.They had invested too much in the movie to scrap it. So they went on with the project with a completely new cast and director.
Move Over Darling is a hilariously entertaining movie.Although not as good as the Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies this is still a satisfying entertainer.The entire cast is good and so is the screenplay/writing(4 writers worked on the story).This would make for a great saturfay afternoon/evening matinee.Rating 6/10.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Stars:Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr
Year: 1950
The best movie adoption of H.Rider Haggard's classic adventure story!There have been a few movie adoptions of the novel but non matches the class,setting,adventure and the fantastic atmosphere of this movie.It's good old fashioned Hollywood adventure with not a single dull moment in the entire movie.
The movie does take liberties from the novel but this has been the case with all the movie adoptions of the book.A female lead is present in all the versions whereas the novel had all male characters. I guess this was done to attract male audiences to theaters.The movie had two directors,Compton Bennett and Andrew Marton.This was Bennett's most popular movie.Marton was one of the directors of the war epic The Longest Day.He also served as second unit director on the legendary movie Ben Hur(1959).
The entire movie was shot on location in Africa and was produced by MGM.An obscure sequel,Watusi was made by the same studio in 1959.
Allan Quatermain(Granger),an experienced guide and hunter reluctantly agrees to help Elizabeth Curtis(Kerr) search for her husband who has disappeared in Africa.John Goode(Richard Carlson),Liz's brother also comes along.Her husband had come to Africa in search of the famed King Solomon's Mines.She has a mysterious map ehich she shows to Alllan but he is apprehensive about all the story.But he agrees to become their guide.Accompanying them is a native,Umbopa.
During their journey they face many obstacles and hardships.Both Allan and Liz are head strong and some what stubborn and that is why there is a lot of friction between them.As expected from a Hollywood movie of that era,both start to fall in love with each other during the journey.
The group comes across Van Brun(Hugo Haas) a white hunter living as a king amongst a native African tribe.He tells the party that he has seen Curtis.But Allan recognizes him as a fugitive from the law.Brun realizes that and tries to take the party hostage but Allan gets the better of him and uses him as a shield to get out of the village.While escaping,Allan kills Brun and the party flees from the angry villagers.
They finally reach the region where the mines are suppose to be.They ar surprised to find out that their companion Umbopa is the rightful king of the region who has come with them to reclaim his throne.He fights with the best warrior the evil king of the region has.Umbpa wins and reclaims the throne.
The evil kings advisor Gagool tells the party that he has seen Curtis and will take them to him.When they get inside the cave where Curtis supposedly is (he is in cave filled with a trove of priceless jewellry)Gagool closes the mouth of the cave while the group is distracted by the discovery of the treasure.It is then that they realize that Curtis had been killed by the evil king's men.The group abandons the treasure but manages to find a way out through a stream.When they reach near the village they are met with Umbopa.Umbopa makes arrangements for his friends to get back home and this is where the movie ends.
The movie is one of the greatest African adventures of all time.There have been a lot of movies made about Africa but this is probably second best African adventure movie ever made.The Ghost and the Darkness is probably the best that i have seen.The acting by the entire cast is solid and so is the story.The romance angle is a little hard to digest but other than that there is nothing wrong with the entire movie.Its rip roaring entertainment all the way.Highly recommended.
Rating: 7.8/10

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Stars:John Wayne,Rita Hayworth and Claudia Cardinale
Genre: Drama
Year: 1964
Circus World is a little known John Wayne film.I myself didn't know about it until a few months ago when i watched it on a local movie channel.I guess one reason for the movies obvscurity is that it was an independent movie,made without any major Hollywood studio's backing and studio backed films were always and still are well marketed before and after their release.I wasn't around in 64' but i am just assuming that it could have been a disadvantage for the movie.Unfortunately the movie didn't do well at the box office either.According to an article about the movie in wikipedia,their were problems on the set right from the begining.Rita Hayworth was sick and often late for work.She had fits of rage and was abusive to her co-stars.This perturbed Wayne,who had earlier worked with her in The Conquerer.But the film was completed but didn't reap the desired results.
The movie is set around a Circus during the turn of the 20th Century.Matt Maters(Wayne) is the owner of the show who comes to Europe with his troupe in search of his lady love Lili(Hayworh).He is accompanied by Toni(Cardinale),who is also Lili's daughter.Lili abandoned the child many yerars ago but Matt raises her as his own daughter.Disaster strikes when ship in which the circus is travelling,sinks but Matt is able to raise the circus again with the help of some European performers.He finds Lili and after some melo drama the daughet and mother are reunited and the movie ends on a happy note.
Overall Circus World is an okay movie,its not a great movie...not even good movie but it is an average time passer.People who like melodramas might enjoy it but average cine-fans like myself would be disappointed.I am a big fan of the Duke but this is not his best effort.The performances are average although Rita Hayworth was nominated for an academy award for her role in the movie.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Stars:Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune
Year: 1968
 A friend recommended this movie to me telling me that it is a solid World War 2 movie.I had never heard of this movie before(this was 1997) but i was in the mood for a good World War 2 adventure movie.He conveniently forgot to mention that there is no adventure or action in the movie at all.It is nothing more than a dramatic experimental movie which bores you no end.The entire movie centers on two men,the talented Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune both of whom cannot save this stinker.
Marvin and Mifune play an American pilot and Japanese captain respectively who are deserted on an island.There they start a war of their own as each tries to hurt the other but not kill one another.After fighting for the entire movie they realize in the end that they need to work together in order to get off the island.They make a raft and manage to leave the island.
The movie has minimal dialogue which bores you even further.Directed by John Boorman this is a disappointing movie with no redeeming quality.Avoid it at all costs.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Stars: Jerry Lewis,Ina Balin and Peter Lorre
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1964
The Patsy rides on the comic genius of Jerry Lewis.Not only is he the star but he also directs the movie.The movie is not a laugh riot.It only manages to bring a smile on your face every now and then
After a famous comedian dies in a plane crash,his management team fearing loss of jobs begin to search for a suitable replacement for the star.They find one in Stanley Belt(a bland Jerry Lewis) and try to teach and coach him.But no matter how much they try,Stanley just can't seem to grasp the nuances of comedy.Tired of repeated failures the team fires him just before his big performance.But he succeeds and the tema members come back to him begging him to take them back.Stanley agrees.
This is just about the entire plot of this insipid movie.Jerry Lewis overacts throughout the movie.Ina Balin as the love interest seems lost and so are the rest of the actors.Only exception is Peter Lorre(who died before the release of the movie) who comes up with a subtle and restrained performance.Watch it only if you are true Jerry Lewis fan.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Stars: Jerry Lewis
Year: 1960
The Bellboy was Jerry Lewis's first movie as director.The movie is different in the sense that it has no fixed plot or clear storyline.It is basically a collection of small episodes centering on a bellboy(Jerry Lewis) at an expensive five star hotel.The second interesting thing about the movie is that Lewis does not speak until the very end of the movie.He invokes laughter by his body actions.The support actors speak their lines but the main lead doesn't.
The movie took less than a month to finish and was a huge box office success(it made around $10 million).Its not your typical zany Lewis movie but nevertheless its an enjoyable little movie(Its running length is only 71 minutes)
My Rating:4/10


Stars: Michael Caine,Shirley Maclaine and Herbert Lom
Year: 1966
Gambit is a laugh riot from beginning to end and features hilarious performances by Michael Caine and Shirley Maclaine.The chemistry between the two stars elevates this movie to one of the best comic heist movies of all time.Its a pity though that they didn't do more films together at that time.They did appear in the 2005 comedy Bewitched.The movie directed by Ronald Neame(Tunes of Glory).
Harry Dean(Caine) is a cat burglar who plans to steal priceless jewels from Ahmad Shahbandar(Lom).For this he enlists the help of Hong Kong showgirl Nicole Chang(MacLaine).He plans out the entire robbery in his mind but nothing goes to plan in reality.
This is a fun movie for the entire family.Only problem is that it is hard to find on DVD.But if you do manage to find it then give it a go.You won't be disappointed.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Stars: Hayley Mills,Maureen o'Hara and Brian Keith.
Genre: Family Comedy
Year: 1961
Hayley Mills is regarded as one of the best child actress of all time and is in top form in this beautiful and evergreen family movie.
Hayley plays double role of sisters Sharon and Susan, who meet on a summer camp not knowing that they are really sisters.They are hostile to each other in the beginning and are thus punished to stay in one room and only come out when they settle their differences.It is then that they find out that they are sisters and their parents,who are divorced now,never told them about each other.They decide to bring their fathers together.They decide to take each others places so that they could meet their parents.Susan heads to Boston to her mother(she is masquerading sharon) and Sharon(masquerading Susan) heads to her father in Los Angeles.
One day Sharon calls Susan to tell her about their father's plans to marry Vicky Robinson(Joanna Barnes) who is after their father's wealth.Susan reveals her true identity to her mother and both head to LA to stop the wedding.Mitch(Keith) their father is not happy to see Maggie(Hara),their mother and refuses to believe them regarding Vicki.But the girls come up with one interesting scheme after another to sabotage the marriage and bring their parents together again.In the end they succeed in uniting their parents and getting rid of Vicki.Their parents marry again and spend the rest of their lives happily.
The movie was directed by David Swift.Its a fantastic family movie.
Rating: 7/10


Stars: Jerry Lewis and Donna Butterworth
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1965
Jerry Lewis does an Alec Guiness in this movie which he also directs.The plot is silly,farfetched and sometimes ridiculous.The dialogues are weak in places and the script is not smooth and Jerry Lewis's one man show is annoying in places.But despite all these shortcomings,The Family Jewels turns out to be an entertaining movie.
Donna Peyton(Donna Butterworth) inherits a vast fortune from his deceased father but as she is only 10,she has to select from his six uncles(all played by Jerry Lewis) to his guardian.She is to spend two weeks with each of her uncles and then decide which one she wants as her guardian.Her chaueffer Willard(also Jerry Lewis) is assigned to take her to each of her uncles.The first uncle she visits is the old James Peyton.He is a ferry boat captain who served in the U.S Navy during World War 2.He recounts his days from the war.The scene where he tries to diffuse a bomb is hilarious.
Her second uncle is Everett Peyton.He hates kids and wants to escape the country due to tax issues.
The third uncle is Julius Peyton who is a photographer.
The fourth uncle is Eddie Peyton is a pilot who runs an airplane business.The scene where he flies a couple of old ladies fron Los Angeles to their destination is a riot.
Skylark Peyton is the fifth uncle who thinks he is Sherlock Holmes.He goes to rescue Donna from her sixth uncle Bugsy Peyton who has kidnapped her,but gets more involved in a game of pool and forgets about rescuing Donna.Bugsy is a gangster.He is only interested in Donna's wealth.Willard in the end,comes to the rescue and saves Donna.
Donna decides that the best guardian for her will be Willard.But the lawyers wouldn't allow her to choose Willard.So Willard comes in disguise of Bugsy Peyton and the lawyers allow him to be her guardian.But Donna knows everything and the movie ends on a happy note.
Its a good comedy.Not great but good.
Rating: 6/10.


Stars: Cary Grant,Samantha Eggar and Jim Hutton.
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1966
The last movie of the legendary Cary Grant.This movie came out in 1966 and although Grant lived for another 20 years(he died in 1986),he never made another movie after this.He felt that he was not getting the sort of roles he wanted and plus he was in his early 60's and felt that he might not get leading man roles anymore.Its a pity though that he decided to retire because he could have easily gone on for another couple of years.
Cary plays a matchmaker to Eggar and Hutton's characters in this movie.The movie is set during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.Cary plays Sir William Rutland,an English businessman who arrives a couple of days before the games and thus cannot find a vacancy at any of the hotels.He reads an ad  for vacancy at an apartment(he reads the ad at the British Embassy).He meets the owner,Christine Easton(Eggar) and convinces her to let him stay.She is not willing to have him because she was hoping for a woman to rent but she has forgotten to mention this in her ad.But Sir William previal and gets the room.
William then sublets the apartment to an American Olympian,Davis(Hutton).Easton is not comfortable with this arrangement but she can do nothing about it because she has already spent the money William gave him.There is immediate attraction between Davis and Easton and William notices it.He goes about playing the matchmaker to the young people and in the end,after some misunderstandings he is able to make a match.In the end he leaves the apartment(he leaves back for home).The young couple reconcile their differences also.
Its a beautiful romantic comedy with Grant in top form.Seeing him playing a father figure to the heroine feels a bit strange but at the same time its sweet and tender also.He gets wonderful support from the entire cast,with Hutton being the standout.First rate entertainment.If you have still not seen the movie then please do watch it.You will have a terrific time.Directed by Charles Walters.
P.S: I am sorry i couldn't find an appropriate video for the movie to put up here.


Stars: John Wayne,Hardy Kruger and Red Buttons
Genre: Romantic comedy/Adventure
Year: 1962
Hatari is not your typical John Wayne movie.For a start,its not a Western and its not an action oriented movie either.It is basically a romantic comedy with a bit of adventure.The movie has been directed by Howard Hawks(Rio Bravo and El Dorado).It is not one of the Duke's best efforts but its an okay lightweight entertainment ,perfect for an evening or late night watch.The plot is light weight and story ids not always coherent.But the location filming(the movie was shot in Tanzania) helps.I first saw the movie on television during the late 80's.Being only 7or 8 years old i was fascinated with the movie.I saw it again in the mid-90's and although i liked the movie,it wasn't as great as i thought it was back in the 80's.
Sean Mercer(Wayne) captures and supplies animals for circus and similar sort of events.Kurt Muller(Kruger) and Pockets(Red Buttons in an abslutely annoying role) work with with.The business is co-owned by Brandy(Michele Girardon) who is the daughter of Wayne's friend.Pockets and Kurt fight for thet affections of Brandy and in the end Pockets gets the girl.Sean on the other hand gets involved with a wildlife photographer Anna Maria(Elsa Martinelli).The movie focuses mainly on their roamntic interludes with the backstory of animal business.There is a hiliarious chase at the end to capture 3 baby elephants who have escaped from capture.
In summary,this is a movie that would appeal to Wayne or probably people who love romantic movies.On the other hand people looking for an adventure movie(like myself) would be disappointed.Its an okay movie i guess.
Rating: 4/10. 

Friday, May 20, 2011


Stars:Johm Wayne,Stuart Whitman and Lee Marvin
Genre: Western
Year: 1961
This entertaining Western movie was the last movie directed by the great Michael Curtiz(Adventures of Robinhood).Infact Curtiz got so ill during the shooting that Wayne himself had to step in and directed almost half the movie.Sadly,Curtiz died merely 2 months after the movie was finished.I first saw this movie as a 12 year old back in 1991 and i simply love it.The movie has lot's of action,comedy and some romance as well.The movie's fast pace and enjoyable comfort gives you 107 minutes of solid entertainment.Wayne is in top form and he gets able support from Stuart Whitman,Ina Balin,Patrick Wayne(his son) and the one and only Lee Marvin in the titile role.
Its 1843 and Paul Regret(Whitman) kills a man in a duel(the dead guy is the son of a judge) and then escapes to avoid a death penalty.Jake Cutter(Wayne),a Texas Ranger catches him on a steamboat but Regret manages to escape.Cutter nabs him again at a local saloon.
On their way back,Cutter and Regret then are forced to join forces to fight against the Comancheros(white
men who supply Indians with guns).They infiltrate the Comanchero stronghold where they meet the leader(Nehemiah Persoff) of the gang.While there Regert meets Pilar(Balin) again(they had earlier met on the steam boat) and falls in love with her.She is the daughter of Graile(Persoff).In the end both Cutter and Regret defeat the Comancheros and Cutter lets Regret go along with Pilar.
This movie is a must for Western fans.First rate entertainment.
My Rating:6.5/10

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Stars: John Wayne,Kirk Douglas and Howard Keel
Genre: Western
John Wayne was the undisputed king of Westerns and this later day movie from his illustrious career is a funilled movie,right from the beginning to the end.I have never been a Kirk Douglas fan but in this movie he plays a loveable and charming character.The movie was directed by Burt Kennedy( a man known for his comedy westerns).The movie went on to be a hit.
Taw Jackson(Wayne),a rancher is shot by a gun for hire,Lomax(Douglas) and wrongfully imprisoned.His property and ranch is usurped by Frank Pierce(Bruce Cabot in a rare negative role).Pierce had known about the presence of gold on the ranch.He hires Lomax to kill Taw.Released early from prison,Taw finds Lomax and convinces him to steal a shipment of gold being transported in a war wagon being driven by Pierce's men.They assemble a gang to help them.In the end Pierce is killed by one of his own men and Taw and Lomax are able to retrieve the gold.
This movie has lots of action and comedy.The chemistry between Wayne and Douglas elevates this movie from being a run of the mill western affair.Howard Keel as an Indian and Robert Walker also shine in their roles.This is Western movie at its best.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Stars:Elvis Presley and Suzanna Leigh
Genre: Musical
Year: 1966
This is a typical Presley movie.He plays a pilot Rick Richards,who after losing his job,returns to his home and sets up a Helicopter charter service with a friend Danny(James Shigeta).During the course of the movie he meets Judy Hudson(Suzanna Leigh) and romances her.Along the way he loses his licence to fly but has to fly without a licence to save his friend who has had an accident.Oh yes,he sings a dozen songs between all this.
Elvis fans would enjoy this light romp.
My rating:4.5/10


Stars: Audie Murphy and Linda Dawson
Genre: Western
Year: 1964
The late Audie Murphy was the king of B-westerns.He came up with highly entertaining movies.I saw this movie just last night.It is a typical Audie Murphy western with lots of action and a bit of romance thrown in between.The movie was directed by action specialist William Witney.
Murphy plays Commander Jeff Preston of an Arizone cavalry outpost,where he battles the Apaches.He bitterly hates them but his ciews are changed when he falls in love with a part-Indian girl played by Linda Dawson.But his problems are compounded when it is discovered that their is gold buried somewhere in the Indian occupied land.This attracts greedy propectors who are more than willing to start a war with the Apaches.
This is an entertaining albeit forgetable movie.The story has been made a number of times into movies.40 Guns To Apache Pass(1967) was a much more entertaining movie.But still,western movie fans would enjoy this one.
My Rating:5/10

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Stars:Rock Hudson and Claudia Cardinale
Genre: Action/Mystery
Year: 1966
This is a curious movie.Very few people know about it.This is despite the fact that Rock Hudson made this movie when he was amongst Hollywood's Top 10 biggest stars.The movie is not available on DVD.I don't think it was released on VHS format either.I saw it on television back in 2000 and enjoyed it a lot.I searched for the movie on both VHS and DVD but wasn't able to find it.It's been 11 years and i am still waiting for the movie to come out on DVD.It's not even available on the internet.
Hudson plays Dr Bartholomew Snow,a psychiatrist.He is treating a man who is a brilliant scientist being chased by different international powers.Soon the scientist disappears and Dr.Snow is caught up in the middle of the confusion.He also meets a mystrerious woman,Vicky Vincenti(Cardinale) who may or may not be helping him.
It's a funfilled thrill ride from start to finish with lots of comedy thrown in the mix along with the action and mystery.Hudson is in top form here.The movie was directed and written by Philip Dunne.If you loved movies like CHARADE(1963),GAMBIT,ARABESQUE(both 1966) and CROSSPLOT(1969),you will definitely enjoy this one(that is if you can find it!)
My Rating 6/10.


Stars:Elvis Presley,Gary Lockwood and Joan o' Brien
Year: 1963

This is a typical Elvis Presley movie with a lots of songs and minimal story.The only difference in this movie is that there is only one girl for Elvis.But what i have always liked about Elvis movies is that they hugely entertaining.
The minimal plot has Elvis palying a cropdusting pilot Mike Edwards.His partner in the business is Danny Burke(Lockwood).A sheriff takes custody of the cropduster because of Danny's gambling debts.In order to pay off the debt both head to Seattle World Fair.Danny tries to earn money through poker while Mike has to take care of a little girl Sue-Lin,whose uncle has disappeared(He had given Mike and Danny a ride on his wagon as they are headed for Seattle).He also run's into a nurse,Dianne Warren and romances her,unleashing a flurry of songs in the process.In the end,they find Sue-Lin's uncle as well as get the cropduster back.
The movie is light weight family fun.This is my favorite Elvis movie.The performance by Vicky Tiu(Sue-Lin) is adorable(She later went on to become the first lady of Hawaii when she married Hawaii's governor).Kurt Russell,then only 12,has an uncredited speaking role.He is the kid who kicks Elvis in the shin at the Fair.
My rating:5/10.


Stars: Burt Lancaster,Dean Martin and George Kennedy
Genre: Drama
Year: 1970
The movie is based on Arthur Hailey's novel of the same name.The movie was directed by George Seaton( Henry Hathaway assisted in the direction).
The movie is basically a drama dealing with a set of people who are caught up in a difficult situation.
D.O Guerrero(Van Heflin),a depressed man struggling with loss of job and history of mental illness,decides to commit suicide on an airplane.He buys an insurance policy which his wife could collect after he commits suicide.He boards a Boeing 707 flight headed for Rome from Chicago.When the  crew finds out that he is carrying a bomb in his attache case,Co-pilot Vern Demerest(Martin) tries to persuade him to hand over the case but Guerrero runs to the lavatory and blows himself up.This leads to decompression.Demerest's girlfriend Gwen,a stewardess is injured(He is having an affair with Gwen and she is pregnant with his child).
Meanwhile,airport manager Mel Bakersfeld is tackling his personal problems(he is also having an affair with his public relatins agent Tanya Livingston,played by Jean Seberg) as well as dealing with airport related issues.He has to deal with a snow covered runway because the movie set during a snowstorm.When he finds about the plane he enlists the help of chief mechanic Joe Patroni to clear the runway(a plane of a different airline is stuck there),so that the palne could land.In the end the plane is moved and the ill-fated plane manages to land.
This movie was a huge box office success and was probably the first Hollywood movie to cross the $ 100 Million mark worldwide.In my opinion, the movie is nothing more than a grandscale soap opera.The performances are good overall but Helen Hayes runs away with the acting honors,as an aged stoaway.The role won her a best supporting actress Oscar.The movie was nominated for 10 Oscars in all.The movie is considered to be the trend setter for disaster film genre,a genre which was all the rage during the 70's.I found the movie to be entertaining,although it was a bit slow for my liking.
My Rating: 6/10


STARS: Dean Martin,Robert Mitchum,Roddy McDowall and Inger Stevens
Genre: Western
Year: 1968
5 Card Stud is a mystery western.Directed by the great Henry Hathaway(Niagara,TrueGrit,Airport etc.),it is based on a novel by Ray Gaulden.
The movie is set in the town of Rincon,Colorado,during the 1880's.A gambler is caught cheating during a 5 Card-Stud poker game.The other members decide to lynch him(a common way of punishing crimes in the old West).One of the players Van Morgan(Dean Martin) tries to stop the lynching,but fails.Morgan leaves town but later returns when he hears that the players who lynched the man are being killed off one by one.
He strikes up an alliance with a preacher Jonathan Rudd(Mitchum) to get to the killer.But as more members of the lynch mob are killed,it becomes clear to Morgan that someone is killing the players to take revenge for the lynching.In the end,when he is the only one left from the game,he uncovers the identity of the killer.
Since,its basically a mystery movie,i cannot reveal the end of the movie.It waould just spoil the fun for anyone who decides to watch the movie after reading my review.Overall,its not a great movie but a good one.As for the performances,Mitchum and McDowall really stand out in their roles.Martin looks tired and old(he was 51 at the time).The script is by Marguerite Roberts,who went on to write the script ofr the classic True Grit(1969).It's worth a watch once.
My rating 5/10.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Stars: Gregory Peck,Tony Curtis and Angie Dickinson
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Year: 1963

Captain Joshiah Newman(Peck) runs a psychiatric ward of a hospital in Arizona during World War 2.He uses unconventional methods and means to cure his patients.He is helped in his task by his orderly Jackson Leibowitz(Curtis).Newman also helps in sorting out the marital life of  Captain Winston(Duvall).Angie Dickinson plays the chief nurse,Lt. Corum with whom Newman flirts a bit.
All in all the movie is a beautiful mix of drama and comedy.It is based on a novel by Leo Rosten.Bobby Darin was nominated for a best supporting oscar award for his role in the movie.The movie was directed by David Miller(Lonely are the Brave).
My rating for the movie:6/10.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Stars: Rod Taylor,Doris Day and Dom DeLuise
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1966
This is the sort of movie for which Doris Day was so well known for.It is a lighthearted and funfilled piece of entertainment.The movie was directed by Frank Tashlin(known for directing a number of Jerry Lewis movies).It was Rod Taylor and Doris Day's second movie after Do Not Distureb in 1964.The movie was a huge box office success.
Jennifer Nelson(Day) helps her father in running a glss bottom boat tourist operation in Santa Catalina Island California.She also works as a part-time employee for an aerospace research lab.She meets Bruce Templeton(Taylor) one day,when ther mermaid suit is caught in the fishing hook of Templeton(he is fishing in the waters and she is dressed as a mermaid foreher father's tourist schedule).She doesn't know that he is the owner of the research lab.He gives her a full time job as her biographer.During the course of the movie both fall in love with each other but a happy ending is put on hold by the security lab who suspects her of being a Russian spy.This leads to all sorts of mayhem and confusion.But in the end everything is sorted out and the movie ends on a happy note.
This a lovely family movie with lots of comedy.
My rating for the movie: 7.5/10.


STARS: Gary Cooper,Burt Lancaster and Charles Bronson
Genre: Western
Year: 1954
This 1954 movie,directed by Robert Aldrich is top flight entertainment from start to finish.
Ben Trane(Cooper) is an ex-confederate soldier who travels to Mexico to seek recruitment as a mercenary,during the Franco-Mexican war.On his way there,he meets Joe Erin( Lancaster in a terrific bad guy role) a sinister leader of a gang of ruthless outlaws.When they reach Mexico,they are immediately recruited by Maximilian to transport a Countess(Denise Darcel) to Vera Cruz.
On their way,both men discover that the countess is transporting gold for the French army( she is double crossing Maximilian).Greed sets in and both the men as well as a Juarista secret agent want to get their hands on the gold first.
Both the men engage in a duel at the end and Erin dies.Trane leaves the gold.
The movie is fast paced for its time.The actors have done a wonderful job in the movie.A tight script and short running time of 94 minutes also helps in maintaining a smooth narrative in the movie.Gary Cooper is the hero but the movie truly belongs to Lancaster.
I would rate it 7/10.


Stars: Gregory Peck,Arthur Hill and Anne Heywood
Genre: Action/Thriller
Year: 1969
The Chairman was directed by J.lee Thompson,the guy who had earlier directed Peck in films like The Guns of Navarone(1961),Cape Fear (1962) and Mackenna's Gold.This is easily their weakest movie together,both in terms of story as well as box office receipts.The movie was made at a item when the U.S had tense releations with China.
John Hathaway(Peck) is an American scientist who is sent to Red China to steal the formula for a newly developed agricultural enzyme.But the people who send him to this mission,plant a small bomb inside his head so that in case the mission fails,he could eliminated immediately.But as expected,our hero somehow finds this out midway through the movie and thus begins a race against time as John tries to get the formula out of China at the earliest and save his life in the process.The hero succeeds in the end.
There is nothing fresh to watch in this movie.It's cliche' riden,with ordinary story,laughable dialogues and a faulty screenplay.But that doesn't mean the movie is not entertaining.It's entertaining alright,with Peck in top form.If you are looking for a good little entertaining action movie then you should give this one a try.A word of caution.Although released in 1969,this movie contains female nudity.Chairman was one of the earliest American movies to be given an R-rating.
I would rate it 5/10.


Stars: Cary Grant,Myrna Loy and Melvyn Douglas
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1948,black and white
This is a brilliant comedy,the sort of stuff that hollywood has forgotten to make.I have always been a big fan of Cary Grant.He had a rare talent of playing comic as well as serious roles with equal ease.This 1948 release was directed by H.C Potter.The movie was a big box office success when it came out.
Jim Blandings(Grant) is a successful accounts executive who lives with his wife Muriel(Loy) and two pre-teen daughters in a small NewYork apartment.Muriel wants to remodel the apartment but Jim rejects the idea.One day they come across an ad for homes in Connecticut and decide to move.
They contact a real estate agent,so that they could find a new place for themselves.The agent convinces them to purchase "The Old Hackett Place",a two hundred year old farmhouse,badly in need of some serious repairs.The only reason they decide to go ahead with the purchase is the surrounding land they would be getting.Their lawyer friend Bill Cole(Douglas) advises against purchasing the house but the Blandings go through with the sale.
Jim hires architect Simms to redesign the new home.But right from the moment the Blandings purchase the house,problems besiege them.The redesign process takes longer than expected because as soon as the workers finish with one task another unseen problem arises making the lives of the Blandings miserable.
To make matters worse,the new home is out of the city,meaning Jim has to wake up very early in the morning to get to work in time.He is also tasked with coming up with a slogan for 'WHAM' brand ham,a task that gives Jime nightmares.He also starts suspecting his wife of having an affair with Cole.
In the end,with pressure from every direction,Jim starts to regret his decision of moving to the country side.At the very end,Jim's apprehensions about his wife are sorted out and Jim's maid comes up with a slogan for WHAM!
The entire movie is a laugh riot.I first saw the movie when i was in college back in 1999.I loved the movie so much that i borrowed the tape from my friend and watched it again that night.When it came out on DVD,i bought it.But i regret the fact that i lent the movie to that same friend but he never returned the DVD(Ironic,isn't it?And no i am not kidding)He moved to Dubai after a while but forgot to return the DVD.In the end i had to download it from the net.
My rating for the movie:8/10.

Friday, May 13, 2011


This is my first post on this blog and i have chosen Designing Woman as the first movie for my review for a reason.It is not my favorite movie of all time.But the movie is rare in the sense that it is the only full comedy the great Gregory Peck ever made.The movie was released in May 1957 and was a big hit at the time.It's a pity that Peck didn't make more comedy movies beacuse he is terrific in the movie.Lauren Bacall co-stars.

The plot of the movie is similar to the plots of  Hepburn-Tracy movies of the time.Mike Hagen(Peck) is a sports reporter who meets fashion designer Marilla Brown(Bacall) during one of his assignments.The two immediately hit it off and get married.But their different lifestyles and backgrounds makes matters difficult for both of them.He is a working class guy with working class friends.She is a high profile fashion designer with sophisticated and intelligent friends(this is according to Marilla Brown).A hilarious clsh between both their friends one night,makes matters more difficult for them.
Besides,Marilla begins to suspect that Mike is having an affair behind is back with a girl named Lori.Lori had infact once been Mike's girlfriend,but not anymore.But Mike is trying to hide this phase of his life from Marilla.To make matters worse Mike is trying to expose a corrupt boxing promoter Martin Daylor,which puts Mike's life in jeopardy.What follows is a series of hilarious misunderstanding,but in the end all ends well as Mike and Marilla are reunited once again and the culprits are nabbed.
The movie is a great comedy film for the entire family.The perfomances,script,screenplay and the dialogues are all terrific.
I would it rate it 7.5/10.