Sunday, May 15, 2011


Stars: Gregory Peck,Arthur Hill and Anne Heywood
Genre: Action/Thriller
Year: 1969
The Chairman was directed by J.lee Thompson,the guy who had earlier directed Peck in films like The Guns of Navarone(1961),Cape Fear (1962) and Mackenna's Gold.This is easily their weakest movie together,both in terms of story as well as box office receipts.The movie was made at a item when the U.S had tense releations with China.
John Hathaway(Peck) is an American scientist who is sent to Red China to steal the formula for a newly developed agricultural enzyme.But the people who send him to this mission,plant a small bomb inside his head so that in case the mission fails,he could eliminated immediately.But as expected,our hero somehow finds this out midway through the movie and thus begins a race against time as John tries to get the formula out of China at the earliest and save his life in the process.The hero succeeds in the end.
There is nothing fresh to watch in this movie.It's cliche' riden,with ordinary story,laughable dialogues and a faulty screenplay.But that doesn't mean the movie is not entertaining.It's entertaining alright,with Peck in top form.If you are looking for a good little entertaining action movie then you should give this one a try.A word of caution.Although released in 1969,this movie contains female nudity.Chairman was one of the earliest American movies to be given an R-rating.
I would rate it 5/10.

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