Saturday, May 21, 2011


Stars: Jerry Lewis and Donna Butterworth
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1965
Jerry Lewis does an Alec Guiness in this movie which he also directs.The plot is silly,farfetched and sometimes ridiculous.The dialogues are weak in places and the script is not smooth and Jerry Lewis's one man show is annoying in places.But despite all these shortcomings,The Family Jewels turns out to be an entertaining movie.
Donna Peyton(Donna Butterworth) inherits a vast fortune from his deceased father but as she is only 10,she has to select from his six uncles(all played by Jerry Lewis) to his guardian.She is to spend two weeks with each of her uncles and then decide which one she wants as her guardian.Her chaueffer Willard(also Jerry Lewis) is assigned to take her to each of her uncles.The first uncle she visits is the old James Peyton.He is a ferry boat captain who served in the U.S Navy during World War 2.He recounts his days from the war.The scene where he tries to diffuse a bomb is hilarious.
Her second uncle is Everett Peyton.He hates kids and wants to escape the country due to tax issues.
The third uncle is Julius Peyton who is a photographer.
The fourth uncle is Eddie Peyton is a pilot who runs an airplane business.The scene where he flies a couple of old ladies fron Los Angeles to their destination is a riot.
Skylark Peyton is the fifth uncle who thinks he is Sherlock Holmes.He goes to rescue Donna from her sixth uncle Bugsy Peyton who has kidnapped her,but gets more involved in a game of pool and forgets about rescuing Donna.Bugsy is a gangster.He is only interested in Donna's wealth.Willard in the end,comes to the rescue and saves Donna.
Donna decides that the best guardian for her will be Willard.But the lawyers wouldn't allow her to choose Willard.So Willard comes in disguise of Bugsy Peyton and the lawyers allow him to be her guardian.But Donna knows everything and the movie ends on a happy note.
Its a good comedy.Not great but good.
Rating: 6/10.

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