Friday, May 20, 2011


Stars:Johm Wayne,Stuart Whitman and Lee Marvin
Genre: Western
Year: 1961
This entertaining Western movie was the last movie directed by the great Michael Curtiz(Adventures of Robinhood).Infact Curtiz got so ill during the shooting that Wayne himself had to step in and directed almost half the movie.Sadly,Curtiz died merely 2 months after the movie was finished.I first saw this movie as a 12 year old back in 1991 and i simply love it.The movie has lot's of action,comedy and some romance as well.The movie's fast pace and enjoyable comfort gives you 107 minutes of solid entertainment.Wayne is in top form and he gets able support from Stuart Whitman,Ina Balin,Patrick Wayne(his son) and the one and only Lee Marvin in the titile role.
Its 1843 and Paul Regret(Whitman) kills a man in a duel(the dead guy is the son of a judge) and then escapes to avoid a death penalty.Jake Cutter(Wayne),a Texas Ranger catches him on a steamboat but Regret manages to escape.Cutter nabs him again at a local saloon.
On their way back,Cutter and Regret then are forced to join forces to fight against the Comancheros(white
men who supply Indians with guns).They infiltrate the Comanchero stronghold where they meet the leader(Nehemiah Persoff) of the gang.While there Regert meets Pilar(Balin) again(they had earlier met on the steam boat) and falls in love with her.She is the daughter of Graile(Persoff).In the end both Cutter and Regret defeat the Comancheros and Cutter lets Regret go along with Pilar.
This movie is a must for Western fans.First rate entertainment.
My Rating:6.5/10

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