Saturday, May 21, 2011


Stars: Hayley Mills,Maureen o'Hara and Brian Keith.
Genre: Family Comedy
Year: 1961
Hayley Mills is regarded as one of the best child actress of all time and is in top form in this beautiful and evergreen family movie.
Hayley plays double role of sisters Sharon and Susan, who meet on a summer camp not knowing that they are really sisters.They are hostile to each other in the beginning and are thus punished to stay in one room and only come out when they settle their differences.It is then that they find out that they are sisters and their parents,who are divorced now,never told them about each other.They decide to bring their fathers together.They decide to take each others places so that they could meet their parents.Susan heads to Boston to her mother(she is masquerading sharon) and Sharon(masquerading Susan) heads to her father in Los Angeles.
One day Sharon calls Susan to tell her about their father's plans to marry Vicky Robinson(Joanna Barnes) who is after their father's wealth.Susan reveals her true identity to her mother and both head to LA to stop the wedding.Mitch(Keith) their father is not happy to see Maggie(Hara),their mother and refuses to believe them regarding Vicki.But the girls come up with one interesting scheme after another to sabotage the marriage and bring their parents together again.In the end they succeed in uniting their parents and getting rid of Vicki.Their parents marry again and spend the rest of their lives happily.
The movie was directed by David Swift.Its a fantastic family movie.
Rating: 7/10

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