Monday, May 16, 2011


Stars: Gregory Peck,Tony Curtis and Angie Dickinson
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Year: 1963

Captain Joshiah Newman(Peck) runs a psychiatric ward of a hospital in Arizona during World War 2.He uses unconventional methods and means to cure his patients.He is helped in his task by his orderly Jackson Leibowitz(Curtis).Newman also helps in sorting out the marital life of  Captain Winston(Duvall).Angie Dickinson plays the chief nurse,Lt. Corum with whom Newman flirts a bit.
All in all the movie is a beautiful mix of drama and comedy.It is based on a novel by Leo Rosten.Bobby Darin was nominated for a best supporting oscar award for his role in the movie.The movie was directed by David Miller(Lonely are the Brave).
My rating for the movie:6/10.

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