Saturday, May 21, 2011


Stars: John Wayne,Hardy Kruger and Red Buttons
Genre: Romantic comedy/Adventure
Year: 1962
Hatari is not your typical John Wayne movie.For a start,its not a Western and its not an action oriented movie either.It is basically a romantic comedy with a bit of adventure.The movie has been directed by Howard Hawks(Rio Bravo and El Dorado).It is not one of the Duke's best efforts but its an okay lightweight entertainment ,perfect for an evening or late night watch.The plot is light weight and story ids not always coherent.But the location filming(the movie was shot in Tanzania) helps.I first saw the movie on television during the late 80's.Being only 7or 8 years old i was fascinated with the movie.I saw it again in the mid-90's and although i liked the movie,it wasn't as great as i thought it was back in the 80's.
Sean Mercer(Wayne) captures and supplies animals for circus and similar sort of events.Kurt Muller(Kruger) and Pockets(Red Buttons in an abslutely annoying role) work with with.The business is co-owned by Brandy(Michele Girardon) who is the daughter of Wayne's friend.Pockets and Kurt fight for thet affections of Brandy and in the end Pockets gets the girl.Sean on the other hand gets involved with a wildlife photographer Anna Maria(Elsa Martinelli).The movie focuses mainly on their roamntic interludes with the backstory of animal business.There is a hiliarious chase at the end to capture 3 baby elephants who have escaped from capture.
In summary,this is a movie that would appeal to Wayne or probably people who love romantic movies.On the other hand people looking for an adventure movie(like myself) would be disappointed.Its an okay movie i guess.
Rating: 4/10. 

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