Friday, May 13, 2011


This is my first post on this blog and i have chosen Designing Woman as the first movie for my review for a reason.It is not my favorite movie of all time.But the movie is rare in the sense that it is the only full comedy the great Gregory Peck ever made.The movie was released in May 1957 and was a big hit at the time.It's a pity that Peck didn't make more comedy movies beacuse he is terrific in the movie.Lauren Bacall co-stars.

The plot of the movie is similar to the plots of  Hepburn-Tracy movies of the time.Mike Hagen(Peck) is a sports reporter who meets fashion designer Marilla Brown(Bacall) during one of his assignments.The two immediately hit it off and get married.But their different lifestyles and backgrounds makes matters difficult for both of them.He is a working class guy with working class friends.She is a high profile fashion designer with sophisticated and intelligent friends(this is according to Marilla Brown).A hilarious clsh between both their friends one night,makes matters more difficult for them.
Besides,Marilla begins to suspect that Mike is having an affair behind is back with a girl named Lori.Lori had infact once been Mike's girlfriend,but not anymore.But Mike is trying to hide this phase of his life from Marilla.To make matters worse Mike is trying to expose a corrupt boxing promoter Martin Daylor,which puts Mike's life in jeopardy.What follows is a series of hilarious misunderstanding,but in the end all ends well as Mike and Marilla are reunited once again and the culprits are nabbed.
The movie is a great comedy film for the entire family.The perfomances,script,screenplay and the dialogues are all terrific.
I would it rate it 7.5/10. 

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