Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Stars: Michael Caine,Shirley Maclaine and Herbert Lom
Year: 1966
Gambit is a laugh riot from beginning to end and features hilarious performances by Michael Caine and Shirley Maclaine.The chemistry between the two stars elevates this movie to one of the best comic heist movies of all time.Its a pity though that they didn't do more films together at that time.They did appear in the 2005 comedy Bewitched.The movie directed by Ronald Neame(Tunes of Glory).
Harry Dean(Caine) is a cat burglar who plans to steal priceless jewels from Ahmad Shahbandar(Lom).For this he enlists the help of Hong Kong showgirl Nicole Chang(MacLaine).He plans out the entire robbery in his mind but nothing goes to plan in reality.
This is a fun movie for the entire family.Only problem is that it is hard to find on DVD.But if you do manage to find it then give it a go.You won't be disappointed.

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