Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Stars: Audie Murphy and Linda Dawson
Genre: Western
Year: 1964
The late Audie Murphy was the king of B-westerns.He came up with highly entertaining movies.I saw this movie just last night.It is a typical Audie Murphy western with lots of action and a bit of romance thrown in between.The movie was directed by action specialist William Witney.
Murphy plays Commander Jeff Preston of an Arizone cavalry outpost,where he battles the Apaches.He bitterly hates them but his ciews are changed when he falls in love with a part-Indian girl played by Linda Dawson.But his problems are compounded when it is discovered that their is gold buried somewhere in the Indian occupied land.This attracts greedy propectors who are more than willing to start a war with the Apaches.
This is an entertaining albeit forgetable movie.The story has been made a number of times into movies.40 Guns To Apache Pass(1967) was a much more entertaining movie.But still,western movie fans would enjoy this one.
My Rating:5/10

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