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Stars: Cary Grant,Samantha Eggar and Jim Hutton.
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1966
The last movie of the legendary Cary Grant.This movie came out in 1966 and although Grant lived for another 20 years(he died in 1986),he never made another movie after this.He felt that he was not getting the sort of roles he wanted and plus he was in his early 60's and felt that he might not get leading man roles anymore.Its a pity though that he decided to retire because he could have easily gone on for another couple of years.
Cary plays a matchmaker to Eggar and Hutton's characters in this movie.The movie is set during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.Cary plays Sir William Rutland,an English businessman who arrives a couple of days before the games and thus cannot find a vacancy at any of the hotels.He reads an ad  for vacancy at an apartment(he reads the ad at the British Embassy).He meets the owner,Christine Easton(Eggar) and convinces her to let him stay.She is not willing to have him because she was hoping for a woman to rent but she has forgotten to mention this in her ad.But Sir William previal and gets the room.
William then sublets the apartment to an American Olympian,Davis(Hutton).Easton is not comfortable with this arrangement but she can do nothing about it because she has already spent the money William gave him.There is immediate attraction between Davis and Easton and William notices it.He goes about playing the matchmaker to the young people and in the end,after some misunderstandings he is able to make a match.In the end he leaves the apartment(he leaves back for home).The young couple reconcile their differences also.
Its a beautiful romantic comedy with Grant in top form.Seeing him playing a father figure to the heroine feels a bit strange but at the same time its sweet and tender also.He gets wonderful support from the entire cast,with Hutton being the standout.First rate entertainment.If you have still not seen the movie then please do watch it.You will have a terrific time.Directed by Charles Walters.
P.S: I am sorry i couldn't find an appropriate video for the movie to put up here.

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