Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Stars:Rock Hudson and Claudia Cardinale
Genre: Action/Mystery
Year: 1966
This is a curious movie.Very few people know about it.This is despite the fact that Rock Hudson made this movie when he was amongst Hollywood's Top 10 biggest stars.The movie is not available on DVD.I don't think it was released on VHS format either.I saw it on television back in 2000 and enjoyed it a lot.I searched for the movie on both VHS and DVD but wasn't able to find it.It's been 11 years and i am still waiting for the movie to come out on DVD.It's not even available on the internet.
Hudson plays Dr Bartholomew Snow,a psychiatrist.He is treating a man who is a brilliant scientist being chased by different international powers.Soon the scientist disappears and Dr.Snow is caught up in the middle of the confusion.He also meets a mystrerious woman,Vicky Vincenti(Cardinale) who may or may not be helping him.
It's a funfilled thrill ride from start to finish with lots of comedy thrown in the mix along with the action and mystery.Hudson is in top form here.The movie was directed and written by Philip Dunne.If you loved movies like CHARADE(1963),GAMBIT,ARABESQUE(both 1966) and CROSSPLOT(1969),you will definitely enjoy this one(that is if you can find it!)
My Rating 6/10.

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