Sunday, May 15, 2011


STARS: Gary Cooper,Burt Lancaster and Charles Bronson
Genre: Western
Year: 1954
This 1954 movie,directed by Robert Aldrich is top flight entertainment from start to finish.
Ben Trane(Cooper) is an ex-confederate soldier who travels to Mexico to seek recruitment as a mercenary,during the Franco-Mexican war.On his way there,he meets Joe Erin( Lancaster in a terrific bad guy role) a sinister leader of a gang of ruthless outlaws.When they reach Mexico,they are immediately recruited by Maximilian to transport a Countess(Denise Darcel) to Vera Cruz.
On their way,both men discover that the countess is transporting gold for the French army( she is double crossing Maximilian).Greed sets in and both the men as well as a Juarista secret agent want to get their hands on the gold first.
Both the men engage in a duel at the end and Erin dies.Trane leaves the gold.
The movie is fast paced for its time.The actors have done a wonderful job in the movie.A tight script and short running time of 94 minutes also helps in maintaining a smooth narrative in the movie.Gary Cooper is the hero but the movie truly belongs to Lancaster.
I would rate it 7/10.

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