Sunday, May 15, 2011


Stars: Rod Taylor,Doris Day and Dom DeLuise
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1966
This is the sort of movie for which Doris Day was so well known for.It is a lighthearted and funfilled piece of entertainment.The movie was directed by Frank Tashlin(known for directing a number of Jerry Lewis movies).It was Rod Taylor and Doris Day's second movie after Do Not Distureb in 1964.The movie was a huge box office success.
Jennifer Nelson(Day) helps her father in running a glss bottom boat tourist operation in Santa Catalina Island California.She also works as a part-time employee for an aerospace research lab.She meets Bruce Templeton(Taylor) one day,when ther mermaid suit is caught in the fishing hook of Templeton(he is fishing in the waters and she is dressed as a mermaid foreher father's tourist schedule).She doesn't know that he is the owner of the research lab.He gives her a full time job as her biographer.During the course of the movie both fall in love with each other but a happy ending is put on hold by the security lab who suspects her of being a Russian spy.This leads to all sorts of mayhem and confusion.But in the end everything is sorted out and the movie ends on a happy note.
This a lovely family movie with lots of comedy.
My rating for the movie: 7.5/10.

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