Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Stars:Elvis Presley,Gary Lockwood and Joan o' Brien
Year: 1963

This is a typical Elvis Presley movie with a lots of songs and minimal story.The only difference in this movie is that there is only one girl for Elvis.But what i have always liked about Elvis movies is that they hugely entertaining.
The minimal plot has Elvis palying a cropdusting pilot Mike Edwards.His partner in the business is Danny Burke(Lockwood).A sheriff takes custody of the cropduster because of Danny's gambling debts.In order to pay off the debt both head to Seattle World Fair.Danny tries to earn money through poker while Mike has to take care of a little girl Sue-Lin,whose uncle has disappeared(He had given Mike and Danny a ride on his wagon as they are headed for Seattle).He also run's into a nurse,Dianne Warren and romances her,unleashing a flurry of songs in the process.In the end,they find Sue-Lin's uncle as well as get the cropduster back.
The movie is light weight family fun.This is my favorite Elvis movie.The performance by Vicky Tiu(Sue-Lin) is adorable(She later went on to become the first lady of Hawaii when she married Hawaii's governor).Kurt Russell,then only 12,has an uncredited speaking role.He is the kid who kicks Elvis in the shin at the Fair.
My rating:5/10.

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