Monday, July 25, 2011


Stars:Jerry Lewis and Susan Oliver
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1964
The Disorderly Orderly rides on the manic intensity of Jerry Lewis an he delivers a terrific performance in the movie.
Jerome Littlefield(Lewis) is an orderly at the Whitestone Sanitorium who suffers from a psychosomatic disorder that causes him to suffer from the symptoms of others.His manic antics create all sorts of difficulties for the management of the sanitorium.
He is romantically involved with a nurse,Julie(Karen Sharpe).One day his high school crush Susan Andrews(Susan Oliver) is brought to the sanitorium after a suicide attempt.Jerome feels sorry for her and starts caring for her.He helps her in changing her attitude towards life and she makes a complete recovery.Its only then that she remembers him and kisses him but Jerome is in love with Julie.When he finds out that Julie has left the sanitorium,he heads to find her which leads to all sorts of mayhem and destruction(the Lewis way).In the end he find her and tells her that he loves her and thus the movie ends on a happy note.
The Disorderly Orderly is one Lewis's best comedies.Like almost all his movies the story is not that strong but Lewis makes up for that through his antics.He gets strong support from the entire cast.The movie was directed by Lewis's longtim collaborator Frank Tashlin and written by Ed Haas and Norm Liebermann.The screenplay was written by Tashlin.

Rating: 5/10

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