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Stars:Doris Day,James Garner and Chuck Connors
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1963
Move Over Darling is a remake of the 1940 Cary Grant and Irene Dunne movie My Favorite Wife.
Ellen Arden(Day),after being shipwrecked on an island for five years returns home to find out that her husband Nick(Garner) has married again that same morning and her children don't recognize her either.She finds this from Nick's mother Grace(Thelma Ritter) and Grace also tell's her that he had gone for honeymoon in the same hotel Nick took Ellen when they got married.But she is determined to stop the honeymoon from going ahead and she heads for the hotel.
On seeing Ellen againNick is at first shocked but then relieved.He is still very much in love with Ellen but cannot tell Bianca(Polly Bergen),his new wife about Ellen.He finally gathers courage and tells Bianca who is shocked to hear the news.But just as he clears things up with Bianca Nick finds out that Ellen was not alone on the island all these years and a man named Stephen Burkett(Chuck Connors) was living with her on the island.This arouses suspicion in Nick's mind bu in the end everything is cleared up and the movie end's on a happy note.
Move Over Darling was actually titled Something's Got to Give and it had Marilyn Manroe,Dean Martin and Lee Remick as the stars and George Cukor as the director.But the project never finished.Monroe was having psychological problems and she often used to arrive at the set late.Eventually she was fired from the movie but then Dean Martin refused to work stating he would only work with Monroe.The studio 20th Century Fox brought back Monroe but then her sudden death brought the project to a halt.They had invested too much in the movie to scrap it. So they went on with the project with a completely new cast and director.
Move Over Darling is a hilariously entertaining movie.Although not as good as the Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies this is still a satisfying entertainer.The entire cast is good and so is the screenplay/writing(4 writers worked on the story).This would make for a great saturfay afternoon/evening matinee.Rating 6/10.

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