Thursday, July 7, 2011


Stars:John Wayne,Rita Hayworth and Claudia Cardinale
Genre: Drama
Year: 1964
Circus World is a little known John Wayne film.I myself didn't know about it until a few months ago when i watched it on a local movie channel.I guess one reason for the movies obvscurity is that it was an independent movie,made without any major Hollywood studio's backing and studio backed films were always and still are well marketed before and after their release.I wasn't around in 64' but i am just assuming that it could have been a disadvantage for the movie.Unfortunately the movie didn't do well at the box office either.According to an article about the movie in wikipedia,their were problems on the set right from the begining.Rita Hayworth was sick and often late for work.She had fits of rage and was abusive to her co-stars.This perturbed Wayne,who had earlier worked with her in The Conquerer.But the film was completed but didn't reap the desired results.
The movie is set around a Circus during the turn of the 20th Century.Matt Maters(Wayne) is the owner of the show who comes to Europe with his troupe in search of his lady love Lili(Hayworh).He is accompanied by Toni(Cardinale),who is also Lili's daughter.Lili abandoned the child many yerars ago but Matt raises her as his own daughter.Disaster strikes when ship in which the circus is travelling,sinks but Matt is able to raise the circus again with the help of some European performers.He finds Lili and after some melo drama the daughet and mother are reunited and the movie ends on a happy note.
Overall Circus World is an okay movie,its not a great movie...not even good movie but it is an average time passer.People who like melodramas might enjoy it but average cine-fans like myself would be disappointed.I am a big fan of the Duke but this is not his best effort.The performances are average although Rita Hayworth was nominated for an academy award for her role in the movie.

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