Saturday, June 4, 2011


Stars: Jerry Lewis,Ina Balin and Peter Lorre
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1964
The Patsy rides on the comic genius of Jerry Lewis.Not only is he the star but he also directs the movie.The movie is not a laugh riot.It only manages to bring a smile on your face every now and then
After a famous comedian dies in a plane crash,his management team fearing loss of jobs begin to search for a suitable replacement for the star.They find one in Stanley Belt(a bland Jerry Lewis) and try to teach and coach him.But no matter how much they try,Stanley just can't seem to grasp the nuances of comedy.Tired of repeated failures the team fires him just before his big performance.But he succeeds and the tema members come back to him begging him to take them back.Stanley agrees.
This is just about the entire plot of this insipid movie.Jerry Lewis overacts throughout the movie.Ina Balin as the love interest seems lost and so are the rest of the actors.Only exception is Peter Lorre(who died before the release of the movie) who comes up with a subtle and restrained performance.Watch it only if you are true Jerry Lewis fan.

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